SADSOG is a social and gaming community founded in October of 2009. SADSOG was formed by and is administered by veterans however, we welcome all veterans and non-veterans alike with open arms.

Since 2009, we've proudly displayed the tag: SOG


Why should I become SADSOG team member?

Our team and community is a small tight-knit group, usually around 10 to 20 active members. We are always looking to add quality teammates. Quality, for us, is defined as having a good, positive attitude.

  • We are a casual community. Casual means no mandatory events or participation requirements. Our only requirement is that you add the current team members to your PSN friends list.
  • We are geared towards the 20-50 somethings who enjoy console gaming as a hobby. No MLG gamers here. The only thing we take seriously is beer.
  • We are a community that is drama free, financially self-supported, laid back and maintain a relatively active forum on the slack app.

If any of the items listed pique your interest then contact us today! We are looking for YOU to help us grow the next generation of SADSOG.


How do I become SADSOG team member?

We are currently accepting members by pre-screening only. This helps us to keep out spammers, window shoppers, ISIS, the taliban and any other extremists. If you are sincerely interested in joining our group please submit your email address at and once received we will send you and invite to our slack site.

It is recommended that you download the app on mobile or use your browser on any other device if you prefer.